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Pet Information

Note: Pet Permit will be required. Temporary and / or visiting pets are not allowed. We only accept cats, dogs, birds, and fish. No exotic pets, rodents, reptiles, etc. are allowed. Limit of TWO PETS per apartment. BREED RESTRICTIONS APPLY. Any Exceptions to the above pet policies require written consent of the lessor.
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Vehicle Information

Note: Certain Parking Restrictions May Apply.


Terms & Conditions


¤ Only the persons listed on this application for lease are allowed to occupy a dwelling unit here at Carlton Arms of Ocala. If someone desires to be added or deleted from the lease, all parties must come to the rental office and obtain approval from management prior to any change to the existing lease.

¤ Apartment rental includes water, sewer & trash removal and all routine maintenance and repairs.

¤ Apartment rental does not include the following utilities: Electric. This will be metered and billed to the tenant.

¤ Lessor will furnish the kitchen with electric range, refrigerator & disposal. A dishwasher is available in all units except those rental units designated as; S-1 & S-2; Efficiency & Studio.

¤ Regardless of date of possession, the term of the lease shall be set forth in such lease. The first monthly rental payment shall be due on the date of possession. THEREAFTER, ALL MONTHLY RENTAL PAYMENTS SHALL BE DUE AND PAYABLE ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH IN ADVANCE.

¤ It is fully understood and agreed that the “Waiting List Deposit”, or the “Security Deposit”, which is made with this application, will be deposited. If this application is not approved, said deposit will be returned to the undersigned and said apartment will be re-marketed by Carlton Arms of Ocala.

¤ The undersigned represent that they are not now renting a room or an apartment under any other name and that they have never been dispossessed from any room or apartment and are not now being dispossessed.

¤ Until execution and delivery of a lease to the applicant, the Owner reserves the right to reject this application for any reason. It is also understood that once a full Security Deposit is made and a move-in date is set, the applicant(s) is subject to a partial and/or full loss of the Security Deposit for a cancellation of move-in. If a $50 Waiting List Deposit is paid at this time, it is fully refundable within 15 days of a written notice of cancellation to the Management.

¤ Per the County Fire Department, Propane Tanks are PROHIBITED on second floor apartments (inside or outside). However, Barbecue Grills (without Propane Tanks) may be stored on balconies, then taken downstairs to be used. NO GRILLING ALLOWED ON BALCONIES OR WITHIN 10' OF THE BUILDING ON PATIOS. FIRE PITS AND CHIMINEAS ARE PROHIBITED ON PATIOS AND BALCONIES.

Applicant certifies that all information provided in this application is correct. If a lease is entered into and the landlord subsequently learns that incorrect information was given or pertinent information was omitted, the lease may be terminated at landlord's option.

I, or we, authorize Carlton Arms of Ocala to verify all information on the rental application by all available means, including consumer reporting agencies, public records, current and previous rental property owners, employers and personal references. Reverification or investigation of preliminary findings is not required.

In connection with my application for residence at Carlton Arms, I hereby authorize any consumer agencies, current and previous employers, current and any former landlords, law enforcement agencies, any check authorization agencies, and state employment security agencies to release all information any of them may have about me to First Advantage. I hereby release all of these parties from any liability in connection with release of such information.

A facsimile or other copy of this authorization shall be sufficient for release by aforesaid parties.

This authorization is for this transaction only and continues in effect for one (1) year unless limited by state law, in which case the authorization form continues in effect for the maximum period, not to exceed one (1) year, allowed by law.

As a condition to entering into this Lease, you represent and warrant to the Landlord that you have not been designated by a department or agency of the State of Florida, or any other state or governmental entity, as being a Registered Sexual Predator or a Registered Sexual Offender. In the event that this representation is false or if subsequent to the execution of a lease you are designated as being a Registered Sexual Predator or a Registered Sexual Offender or allow any person who is a Registered Sexual Predator or a Registered Sexual Offender to be a guest or occupant in the apartment you shall be in default of the Lease and Landlord shall have the absolute right to immediately terminate your right of occupancy and you, including all Residents, Occupants and any other persons residing in the Apartment, must vacate the Apartment within seven(7) days of the date of such termination.

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I have read both pages of this application. I agree to all of its provisions. All information provided is complete and correct.
I, certify that I am at least 18 years of age, acknowledge that I have read the terms and conditions, and give my electronic signature to apply for an apartment with Carlton Arms of Ocala.